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Why Should I Get a Cell Phone Wallet Case?

Most people who own smartphone cases also own phone cases. Kate Spade New York offers cell phone wallet cases. But what are the benefits of a wallet cell phone case? 

What is Kate Spade?

  • The designer was born Katherine Noel Brosnahan. She is now known as Kate Valentine. 
  • The compnay opened its first boutique in  New York in 1993. 
  • It originally produced handbags, before branching out into women's wear, jewelry, shoes, stationery, eyewear and cell phone cases. 
  • They offer home decor as well, in their "Kate Spade at Home" line. It has bedding, china, wallpaper, and even office items. 
  • The brand opened their first international store in Tokyo, Japan in 2004. 

Why Should I Get a Wallet Case?

When you're considering buying a cell phone case, you might not think of a wallet case. But there are many benefits to a wallet case that you should know about. 

  • Concerned about getting calls? Don't worry too much. It's easy to flip open your wallet phone case to answer calls and text messages. 
  • Wallet cases don't interfere with taking photos and can even help you steady your hands by giving you something else to hold onto. 
  • The case protects the front of your phone. It also has a wristlet that helps you hang onto your case. 
  • It's an easy and convenient way to keep your card, your credit cards and even some cash with your smartphone. 
  • Because everything is together, you won't need to carry around as many things. This can be incredibly helpful for mothers and people who don't like carrying around their purses. 
  • Leather wallet cases are the perfect wristlet accessory for going out. 

How Can I Tell it's a Real Kate Spade Cell Phone Case? 

Because it is a popular brand, it's common to see fake ones on the market. How do you protect yourself against fake smartphone cases? 

  • Compare the label on the leather case to the one on the website. Pay special attention to the lettering, the shape, and the size of the label. 
  • Compare case designs to the ones on the official website. 
  • Some new and popular case designs are:
    • Glitter
    • Different colors of glitter against leather. 
    • Flower
    • Yellow and black bees with black and white stripes.
    • Car illustrations
    • Illustrated city scenes

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