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A Buying Guide For iPhone 6 Cases

An iPhone 6 phone case will protect your device and produce a fashion statement. You can find cases for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus from Kate Spade New York.

Kate Spade New York focuses on contemporary designs with various colors. You will find multiple design options for use when looking for a case for your Apple iPhone.

Physical Features

The features on your phone case should include several points:

  • Locking features. The iPhone should fit on the body of the hard shell case. You would insert it to the case and listen for the snap to see that it is secured.
  • Surface features. The hard body on the case may come with a silicone grip. This adds a soft surface that the fingers will grip onto.
  • Stand setup. A small stand layout can be produced as you open up the phone. This stand may be produced through a small item that appears on the sleeve of the cover.
  • Straps. A strap creates a wristlet-like design on the phone. The strap lets you secure the phone onto another item you are carrying. It may be added onto a wallet for instance.
  • Jewels. Some added glass stones may be included around your phone case. The stones are colored and shaped to look like jewels. These add a classy look to your case that makes it more intriguing to people who look at it.

What Designs Are Available?

You can find many designs on your Kate Spade case. The designs are made to look like what you might find on a larger wrap that would go over the entire body of a phone, but the key difference is that some items might stick out from the case to produce a three-dimensional effect. You can find designs with a floral daisy pattern, a multi-color confetti design, or something with a studded stripe surface. Added accents like glitter may be included on your case as well. The designs are often inspired by the extensive line of handbags that the company sells.

Review the Size

Take a look at the size of your iPhone to see that your Kate Spade case can fit onto your device. The iPhone 6 is 5.44 inches high and 2.64 inches wide. This is the same size as the iPhone 7. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus is larger at 6.22 inches high and 3.06 inches wide.

Can Other Features Be Added?

Some additional features may be found on some cases from Kate Spade New York. Some cases come with not only hard-shell bodies but also with leather accents or even openings to fit a card or two into the body of the case.

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