Stay Connected Using a ZTE Phone with Boost Mobile

ZTE is a manufacturer of Android phones and related products. They produce many models that are designed to be compatible with the Boost Mobile network. If you are searching for a new phone to use in conjunction with Boost Mobile, knowing some of the available products, their features, and how you can use them may help you find the device that meets your needs.

What ZTE phones work with Boost Mobile?

The company produces a range of phones that may work with the Boost Mobile network. Each device may have different features or specifications. Some models you might find during your search include:

  • Obsidian: The Obsidian runs on the Android operating system and features a quad-core processor. It has a microSD card slot that may be able to hold up to 32GB of storage.
  • Prestige: The Prestige has 8GB of native storage and space for more memory in an expandable slot. It includes cameras in both the front and rear.
  • Warp Elite: The Warp Elite comes with Android 5.1 and has integrated features, such as FM radio, two cameras, voice recording, and touchscreen navigation.
Do these phones have different screen sizes?

Most smartphones feature a touchscreen that you can use for navigation. The touchscreen allows you to use your fingers to move through various windows on the device, activate its settings, or execute apps and programs. The screen is also how you'll view media content such as photos and videos. If you are planning to use your smartphone for entertainment purposes or video chatting, you may wish to choose a model with a screen size that suits those tasks. Some common screen sizes you may encounter during your search include:

  • 4 inches
  • 5 inches
  • 6 inches
  • Over 6 inches
What features do these phones have?

The number of features on your Boost Mobile smartphone will depend on the model you choose. If you are looking for a smartphone that has a specific set of features, you may be interested in some of these options:

  • Geo-tagging: If your Boost Mobile smartphone has GPS functionality, the geo-tagging feature may allow it to insert data such as coordinates or landmarks automatically.
  • Dual rear cameras: Some smartphones may include an additional camera at the back. You may be able to use both accessories to zoom in on your subject or sharpen the photo.
  • Fingerprinting: A special sensor on the surface of the phone may allow you to code it to your fingerprint. You can then use your fingerprint to unlock the phone or authorize apps to run.