Water, Water, Everywhere... Except With Waterproof Cases and Covers for Your iPhone 5

Life gets messy. From concerts to beach days to nights out, moisture and dirt can potentially make their way into an iPhone 5. Waterproof and water-resistant cases include several different built-in features to lessen the chances of moisture damage.

What are features of a housing case?

Housing cases encase the entire iPhone, as opposed to just the back or back and sides. Typically they come in two or three layers, depending on the particular design of the iPhone 5 case. Two-layer housing cases are typically made from rigid plastic that snap together around each edge. Flaps, screws, and silicone buttons cover all of the potential openings in the iPhone 5 device so that the probability of moisture getting into the case cover is minimized.

Three-layer housing cases contain an extra layer of silicone or gel in the middle. A hard layer blankets the front screen of the iPhone case. The silicone shockproof layer nests behind the device and is covered by the second hard layer. All three layers are snapped or screwed together and held in place. The same covers are present to cover ports and jacks in the iPhone 5. The front layer is clear plastic that is thin enough for all touch-capability commands to function effectively.

What designs and colors of waterproof iPhone cases are available?

These iPhone 5 cases come in different finishes, namely glossy and matte. Gloss has some shine to it, like the sheen of hard plastic. Silicone and gel are matte, meaning that they do not shine when placed under light. Some waterproof cases include embellishments like patterns or images on the back. Some feature tone-on-tone patterns like stripes or grooves. Color choices include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Multi-color
  • Pink
What types of cases exist?

Bumper, 3D, hybrid, clip, and wallet cases are available. Some of these styles of cases utilize pieces on the back or sides that stick out away from the rest of the case to make them 3D. These might include jewels or rhinestones. Full-sealed waterproof cases include bumpers that cover the edges of the iPhone. Hybrid cases include features from different styles of cases. Clip cases include all the typical features of a waterproof housing case with a clip mounted on the back to attach to clothing or accessories. Wallet cases include a flap over the front that extends around the side of the device and fastens on the back. Often, these include card slots as well.

What materials are utilized?

Plastic, silicone, gel, and rubber are the most common materials utilized in waterproof cases, but some cases may include leather, metal, and synthetic leather as accents depending on the particular design. Most waterproof cases can be removed from a device and washed completely with warm water and soap. Make sure to dry the case thoroughly before replacing it onto the device.

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