Waterproof Cases for iPhone 6

An iPhone is a delicate piece of equipment that can be affected by impact, moisture, scratches, and dust. To protect the phones from moisture, snow, and rain, many iPhone 6 owners elect to buy waterproof cases. These cases are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

What are some features that waterproof cases may have?

Waterproof cases often do more than just repel water. The particular features that each case could have vary according to individual specifications. Here are some examples:

  • Drop-resistance: Certain models may be able to prevent damage when phones are dropped from a certain distance.
  • Access to ports: Some items may give you access to your charging and headphone ports while still maintaining waterproof capabilities.
  • Safe to use in snow and ice: For those who have to deal with cold winters, there are cases that can withstand the low temperatures.
  • Screen protection: Many products have built-in screen protectors to protect against scratches.
  • Touchscreen capabilities: If certain types of material are thin enough, then the touchscreen function can still be utilized.
What are some examples of waterproof pouch cases?

Pouches look similar to zippered plastic bags. They are transparent and thin, so you can keep using your touchscreen while underwater. This can help you have access to all of your data, keep in touch with others, and snap pictures quickly. Models include:

  • CaliCase floating waterproof case pouch: This has a double layer of PVC protection, a lanyard to hold on to, and a carabiner that lets you latch your phone onto something.
  • JOTO cellphone dry bag: This is another clear case that you can take pictures with. It can be used with devices up to 100mm by 170mm, and the snap and lock device can keep out water, sand, and dirt.
  • 3iArt floating waterproof case: With a 3.5mm plug inside of it and an external port, you can have a convenient way to connect your smartphone to headphones while maintaining your waterproof seal.
What are some different styles of waterproof cases?

Depending on the manufacturer, a number of different styles are available for the iPhone 6, including:

  • Cases: Waterproof cases can look similar to thin, nonwaterproof cases in that they hug the phone tightly. They are generally a bit thicker than other types of cases and are made entirely of a waterproof material or have a waterproof membrane on the exterior. Any ports are closed off to prevent moisture from seeping in through those access areas.
  • Underwater camera housing: You can fully enclose your phone in a housing to turn it into an underwater camera.
  • Case and lens kits: These systems include a case and a set of interchangeable lenses. This adds to your versatility when shooting underwater.
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