Transport Your Cell phone and Cards Using a Wallet Case

A wallet case provides one option for keeping your cell phone and cards with you and providing them with a slim protective layer that may insulate them. Universal wallets are designed to work with many phone types including iterations of the iOS and Android phones. Because there are so many features, types, and wallet accessories available, you may find the following information helpful when trying to decide on the cell phone wallet case that is right for you.

How do wallet cases for your cell phone work?

Wallet cases are similar to some other covers and cases you might use for your phone but their designs and wallet functionality mean that you could use them a bit differently. Some common design elements you might find during your search for a phone wallet include:

  • Open pouch: Many wallets have an opening at the top. You can simply slide your phone into this opening. The top portion of your phone remains visible to allow you to access the device when you need it, including the touch screen included on devices such as the iPhone 8.
  • A flap: Your phone wallet may include a flap that you can use to cover the top portion of your iPhone or Android device.
  • Card slots: Most universal mobile wallets adapt some features from traditional wallets. Card slots may allow you to keep some of your plastic cards with your phone for easier access.
  • Belt attachment: Some universal wallet cases may include accessories that allow you to attach them to your belt.
How do you choose a universal wallet case?

There are many options available for choosing a wallet cover for your mobile device. You may find some of these categories helpful in narrowing your search for an item that suits your needs and preferences:

  • Choose a color: These items may be available to you in colors like black, yellow, blue, green, brown, or red.
  • Choose a material: You may find wallets constructed from canvas, leather, plastic, or gel.
  • Choose a pattern: You may be able to find cases with themes from pop culture, or floral, geometric, and textured patterns.
  • Choose some features: Some common accessories for cell phone wallets can include kickstands, an external lens for photos, screen protector, or solar charger.
How do you care for a cell phone wallet case?

The specific process for caring for your cell phone cover will depend on what model you choose and the materials from which it is made. However, you may be able to use the following guidelines to care for your universal cover:

  • Wipe it down: You may be able to clean most materials using a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap. Wipe down the base with a clean cloth.
  • Spray it: If your wallet case is crafted from leather, you may wish to spray it with a protective solution.