CD-Slot Cellphone Holders Keep Your Smartphone Secure

A CD-slot cellphone holder is a device you can use to keep your cellphone in place in your car while you drive. These holders typically have a universal design that allows them to work with many types of phones. Anyone trying to keep a phone in one place while on the road is likely to appreciate this design.

How do CD-slot cellphone handlers work?

Universal CD-slot phone handlers work by sliding into your car's CD-player slot and creating an area where your phone can sit. Some allow you to continue listening to CDs after the holder is installed. Using these items involves the following steps:

  • Insert the phone: Carefully fit the phone holder into your car's CD-player slot after starting the vehicle's engine.
  • Wait: In some instances, the CD player may try to recognize the magnetic device and will stop after a few moments.
  • Position the phone: Put your phone in the holder. The CD-slot cell handle is designed to keep the phone in place and minimize vibrations as your vehicle runs.
  • Remove the phone: When you've finished using the phone holder, pull your phone out of the device. You can then press Eject on the CD player to remove the holder.
Can you adjust these CD-slot items?

Some drivers may prefer to fit this device in one of their air vents. This option is possible if you find a model designed to slip over both your air vent and your CD slot. However, you can also adjust the width of many of these products to ensure that your phone sits on them comfortably.

For example, iPhone and Android models have different sizes that affect how they fit in a CD-slot or air-vent holder. Make sure you also adjust the positioning of your air vent to keep air from blowing across the surface of your phone.

Are universal CD-slot cell handlers adaptable to Bluetooth?

If your phone has Bluetooth, you should be able to hook it up to a Bluetooth car radio when it is in the slot of the CD player. There should not be any magnetic disturbance.

What materials are used in these holders?

These magnetic devices are made from heavy-duty plastic. These plastic holders are designed to fit securely in your car's CD slot without falling. There are also metallic magnetic strips that keep them secure without interfering with your car's or phone's electronics.