Ultimate Ears 音频播放器底座和迷你扬声器

Ultimate Ears


Redefine How You Listen to Audio With Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears has produced earphones, speakers, and audio equipment for decades. The Megablast, Boom, and Megaboom models can help you expand your options for enjoying music and other audio. You can use eBay to familiarize yourself with some of the features that UE products can offer you.

How can speakers from Ultimate Ears enhance your audio experience?

Many earphones or earbuds from Ultimate Ears have special properties that can change how or where you get to enjoy your favorite music or audiobooks. Ultimate Ears creates versatile equipment designed for use in nonstandard places or situations. These are some of the ways these products can be useful to you:

  • Bathing: Many earbuds and speakers from Ultimate Ears have water-resistant properties that allow you to take them with you for use during a bath. You can catch up on your favorite audio programs without the risk damaging your equipment.
  • Biking: Some Ultimate Speakers are designed with bicycles in mind. You can mount these products securely on your bike for use during travel.
  • Walking: The company offers several speakers that will fit snugly over your ear for a comfortable audio experience during your walks.
What features can you choose?

Most speakers from Ultimate Ears include several features you can use to personalize how you listen to your audio. You can browse through the available features with ease using eBay's category options or choose from the list if you already know which features you want. Some common features you'll find during your search are described here:

  • Radio: UE products with this feature can pick up AM or FM radio signals for your enjoyment.
  • Rechargeable battery: These Ultimate Ears designs use a battery that you can recharge as necessary, avoiding the need to change batteries.
  • Superbass: Some UE headphones can boost the bass levels from your favorite music.
What wireless technologies do these headphones use?

Most headphones, earbuds, or speaker systems from Ultimate Ears that are on eBay will use one of the following two main types of wireless technology:

  • Bluetooth: Many models use Bluetooth technology to pair wirelessly with the audio device of your choice. You can use this option to create a dedicated link between your audio player and the speakers.
  • RF: If you would like to pick up AM or FM radio stations instead of using your own audio content, you can set your UE speakers to look for radio frequencies.
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