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Thomas and Friends Games

Thomas is a fictional steam engine locomotive created by Reverend Wilbert Awdry and Christopher Awdry for a set of books called The Railway Series. A television show called Thomas and Friends was also made as a cartoon series for children. Many commercial spin-off products have been produced in the likeness of the cartoon character Thomas the Tank Engine, including a variety of games for children to play.

What are the types of Thomas and Friends games?
  • Board games: There are many Thomas the Tank Engine board games, including Tracks and Trestles. This game is similar to chutes and ladders but uses tracks as the chutes and trestles as ladders. There are also options such as a train-themed Trouble game, with a center plastic dome you push on to pop the dice so you can advance around the board.
  • Dominoes and bingo: Thomas the Tank Engine is also used as the theme for dominoes and bingo matching games for kids. When a child plays dominoes or bingo with the Thomas characters, they engage with matching, color, and counting skills.
  • Electronic and computer: There are also Thomas the Engine and Friends electronic and computer games. Some of these games have an engine as the controller or plug-in for the gaming system. These entertainment options are available for Nintendo and other brands of game systems.
What are the features of Thomas and Friends games?
  • Colorful artwork: In the cartoon shows, Thomas the Tank Engine is shown as a colorful steam locomotive with blue, red, and black features, and these attributes are consistent through the dominoes and other toys. The faces on Thomas and his friends are anthropomorphic. These features are also consistent with the bingo and other sets.
  • Realistic engines: These gaming toys feature trains and locomotives with realistic features. All of the locomotives have detailed cars and wheels. The scenery is also realistic. The computerized gaming setups include train whistles.
  • Interactive playing: The electronic and computerized entertainment options feature interactive play, such as sound effects. The in-game experiences include making choices about which tracks to use and other ways for kids to discover manners and making good choices.
What ages are Thomas and Friends games made for?

Thomas the Tank Engine toys are designed for children ages three and older to play. Some of the options require basic reading skills and the ability to identify numbers and letters. A child who is a pre-reader may need some help from older children or adults in order to play and understand the rules. Some of the gaming options, such as dominoes and bingo, are recommended for children ages seven and older because of the more complex rules. In the computerized and electronic options, these activities are designed for children who are able to navigate through the in-game options with a handheld controller or who can use a keyboard to make selections on each activity.

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