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Taggies Plush Baby Toys

Taggies are toys for babies that have multiple tags attached to them. They stimulate babies via sight, touch, and sound. The silky ribbon tags and plush surfaces are textures these toys introduce your baby to.

What types of Taggies are there?

Taggies come in stuffed animal, blanket, and other formats. Each item in the Taggies line features several colorful silk tags or ribbons. Varieties of Taggies include:

  • Pillows: Nursing pillows make it easy to position your baby during feeding. Taggies nursing pillows feature a circular opening for your baby's head and a padded cushion. They are made of brightly-colored fabrics with different prints.
  • Blankets and Mats: Taggies play mats are a place for your baby to play during tummy time. Blankets are usually square or rectangular. Many Taggies blankets feature plush toys in their centers. Bears, ducks, and puppies are among the stuffed animals attached to blankets.
  • Toys: Plush toys shaped like animals are also available. Stuffed animals include monkeys, elephants, and lions. Other plush toys include crinkle toys with colorful patterns. Crinkle toys can depict sports equipment and animals.
What are some features of Taggies?

Taggies are made of different materials to stimulate your baby's senses of sight, sound, and touch. These include soft fabric, cool, shiny ribbon, built in rattles, and crinkle material. Taggies are brightly colored and printed with a variety of animals, sporting equipment, and shapes. Taggies are known for the multiple tags attached to them. These tags appeal to babies during the teething stage. Tags also allow Taggies to be easily attached to mobiles, strollers, cribs, and car seats.

  • Tags: These are made of cool, smooth silk, or ribbon.
  • Plush: Blankets and stuffed animals are made of soft synthetic materials.
  • Accessories: Some Taggies feature toys like rattles and teethers, or other accessories. Some include crinkle fabric that has a bumpy texture and makes noise. These features stimulates the senses of sound, sight, touch, and taste.
How do you clean a Taggies toy or blanket?

The answer to this question depends on the type of Taggies toy that needs cleaning.

  • Simple Taggies: If your taggie has no sound elements or music boxes, it's usually safe to put it in the washing machine with clothing.
  • Feature-Rich Taggies: Taggies with teethers, rattles, sound boxes, and other elements should be surface cleaned. This can be done with a warm, damp cloth.
  • Product Tag: Each Taggie toy and blanket has care instructions printed on one of its tags.
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