Selecting Spigen Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

A Spigen iPhone 6 Plus case can prevent your plus phone from being broken when it falls on a hard surface. You can find an iPhone case that offers shock absorption, screen protection, or air cushion technology. You can choose a case made from a variety of colors and materials as well.

What type of Spigen cases are available for the iPhone 6 Plus?

Spigen iPhone 6 Plus cases are made with many features and in different styles. You can choose an iPhone case to fit your needs and complement your style.

  • Liquid crystal: This is a clear plus case that is made of a strong plastic material. It provides protection to your iPhone 6s when it is bumped against a hard wall or dropped on the floor.
  • Ultra slim: This is a slender iPhone 6s case and you can hold it in one hand firmly. It is made with a combination of hard and soft materials.
  • Slim armor: This is a two-piece case that covers your entire iPhone and protects your plus phone. It has openings that allow you to access the buttons of your plus phone easily.
  • Neo-Hybrid: A plus case made with clear polycarbonate and outer rubber reinforcements that prevent your iPhone from damage when dropped.
  • Rugged armor: This is a two-piece strong and sturdy iPhone 6s case with accents and fiber textures. This case plus case protects your iPhone from excessive damage.
What features come with a Spigen iPhone 6 Plus case?

The Spigen iPhone plus case has a kickstand that allows you to view your screen hands-free. This plus phone has a 0.6mm lip and raised corners that lift the plus phone off of flat surfaces as well. The iPhone 6s case is available in back covers and two-piece designs that protect against breakage. They keep your plus phone safe and secure. These are some of the added features included in the plus case:

  • Air cushion technology: The corners of this plus case absorb shocks and softens the impact that your iPhone suffers when it falls.
  • Infused layers: This plus case has TPU and PC layers fused together for added iPhone protection.
  • Card holder cover: This plus case allows you to carry your debit and credit cards with you for easy access.
  • Magnetic wave protection: A nickel plated 18k gold emblem installed in the back of iPhone case that reduces exposure.
  • Curved case: Enables steady grip plus a comfortable grip when holding your iPhone 6 plus.
  • Cutouts: Larger openings in the outer frame that permit access to the buttons on your iPhone 6s.
What case colors are available for the iPhone 6 Plus?

The Spigen iPhone 6 plus case is available in many shapes and colors. There is an iPhone 6 plus case for everyone and they provide plus phones with protection. The Spigen case for the plus phone is available in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • White
  • Brown
  • Gunmetal
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