Looking for a Portable Personal CD Player

Are you wanting to listen to your CDs while you are on the move? Even in this age of digital audio files, many of us still have a stack of portable CDs. If you have a portable CD player, you can still make the most of that existing music collection you already have.

Where Can You Use a Portable CD Player?

Portable CD players aim to let you take and play your CDs with you anywhere. They're small, lightweight, easy to carry, and actually quite versatile. You can use portable CD players:

  • With earphones to enjoy music on your own without others around you listening in
  • While you are out walking or exercising 
  • With attached external speakers for filling a room with music
  • With a car cigarette lighter power adapter to listen while driving or commuting via your existing car audio or radio system. 

What Features Do They Have?

Personal CD players are sized to be able to playback a single portable CD. Specifications vary by model, but the usual features you will find include: 

  • Controls: Buttons and/or sliding adjustments for playback and volume control are usually placed at the front or top so they are easy to access. 
  • Power: Most run on AA batteries, and also have power connections for using an AC adapter to connect to electricity.
  • Format: Portable players will play standard pre-recorded music CDs. Depending on the model they may also play the audio you have recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs and MP3 files.
  • Displays: Digital displays show information such as the track number, other playback features you have selected, and battery life remaining.
  • Anti-Skip Protection: Some models have a switch to hold or lock your CD securely and prevent accidental skipping. Others use features such as skip-free and anti-shock G-protection, as offered by this brand.
  • Playback: Options are usually included so you can select whether to play your music tracks at random, in the order recorded, shuffle them or repeated.  
  • Sound: Many models have a bass boost feature to use if you wish, and volume limiters to protect your hearing.
  • Accessories: There are various accessories you can add to a portable CD player. These include replacement earphones or headsets, external speakers, power adapters and kits for running via car lighters and electricity, hand straps and cases. 

What Models Does This Brand Offer?

Sony has manufactured an extensive range and different models of portable CD players since the mid-1980's.  Personal CD players have been branded as either a Discman or Walkman. Sizes and styles vary from basic features to more sophisticated Hi-Fi sound quality. All subsequent portable media players this brand releases comes under the name Walkman, a brand name coming from the first portable cassette players.

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