Choosing the Right MP3 player

Having an MP3 player can allow you to store and listen to your favorite music albums anywhere and on the go. However, figuring out the perfect device to get can be a daunting challenge especially if you don't have the right information.

What Should You Consider When Looking for an MP3 Player?

Whatever your choice is, there are a number of considerations you should make before settling on your preferred portable audio player.

  • Memory: The memory space differs from one player to another with the most devices being in the 8 GB to 64 GB range. Essentially, the choice usually comes down to the user storage needs. If you have a large music collection, you should look for devices that offer around 16 GB. This is enough to store over 1500 MP3 songs.
  • Portability: MP3 players come in different sizes. If you move around quite often, you might want to opt for a small and compact device. Also, opting for a flash memory player can make your device more portable and durable. While hard disk players usually have larger capacities, their use of moving parts mechanism makes them more susceptible to skipping and less suitable for those want to listen while exercising.
  • Battery life: Most audio players come with rechargeable batteries. Choosing a device with a quality battery can grant you long hours of music playback eliminating the need to plug in every other hour.
  • Accessories: Digital media players come with different accessories such as headphones or earbuds. Choosing a music player with accessories can eliminate the need to invest in new ones.

What Are the Main Features of Sony Walkman MP3 Players?

Some of the features of the Walkman MP3 players include:

  • Design: The devices come with a smooth and polished design with some featuring a waterproof build. The design varieties on offer are apparent, from the classic build to the all-in-one sport-friendly players.
  • Storage: Sony offers a wide range of storage options with their Walkman series. You are able to choose your preferred storage size from the low-end single GB MP3 player to the expansive 128 GB MP3 player. Some devices also come with a MicroSD slot enabling users to upgrade their storage space.
  • Audio quality: The Walkman players use exclusive Sony clear audio technologies allowing listeners to enjoy Hi-Res sounds. The devices also come with the Dynamic Normalizer feature which balances the volume between songs when listening in the shuffle mode. In addition, they support multiple audio codes meaning you won't have to worry about the format of your music files.
  • Easy content transfer: Sony Walkman MP3 players come with fast USB support and a user-friendly interface making it easier to transfer media files from computers.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: The players come with rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries able to support hours and hours of audio playback.

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