Finding a Silver Bumper for the iPhone 5s

The purpose of a bumper case is to make sure that the edges of your Apple smartphone, such as your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, stay protected when your case accidentally gets a jolt or bump to it. These cases have a raised border that minimizes screen damage in addition to offering other features, making them a godsend when youre not the most graceful of iPhone users.

What Are Some Features of Bumper Cases?

Not only is the shiny silver color of these cases appealing to the eyes, but a bumper case can add other benefits to your iPhone as well.

  • You can leave your purse or wallet at home when you purchase a case that has a couple of slots for your debit card or cash.
  • An iPhone case that features a screen protector not only protects the edges of your device, but you also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that even when your phone hits the ground face down, the display wont shatter.
  • When you choose a slim case with a kickstand, you can watch YouTube videos while you cook without having to get flour all over your phone as you follow along with a recipe tutorial.

What Designs Are Bumpers Available In?

You may think of bumpers as somewhat basic, but that couldnt be further from the truth. Though you can choose solid-colored metallic options like gold or silver, there are designs and patterns that do let you express your personality a bit.

  • Add some bling to your aluminum bumper when you select a case that has tiny, sparkling crystals that reflect light all along the edges.
  • Choose a metal bumper with silver edges but also a clear case so that the color of your iPhone can show through.
  • A hybrid case combines other materials with metal bumpers, such as leather or wood, for a two-tone look.

Which Brands Make Silver Bumpers?

Some users choose to purchase accessories for their iPhone 5s based on the tech brands that create covers using assorted designs and materials.

  • A Spigen cover is ultra-thin and offers shockproof protection to reduce damage to your iPhone 5s. These covers are made from a combination of TPU and plastic and have cut-outs to let you access your ports and inputs with ease.
  • For aircraft-grade aluminum protection, a Scosche case cover fits the bill. Its a dual-layer system that keeps your phone protected from scratches and drops.
  • You can opt for a Zagg invisible bumper when you like the color of your phone and dont want to disguise it with an opaque case. These offer high-impact protection and all the cut-outs you need for your ports and docks.

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