Protect Your Samsung Phone With Silicone Cases

There are millions of Samsung Galaxy phones out there braving a world full of bumps, scratches, and drops. With that kind of market base, it's no wonder that accessories suppliers offer Samsung phone covers in gel, rubber, and silicone with a multitude of skin styles from simple black to expressionist art. Armed with a little basic information, you can pick a cover that meets your tastes and protects your phone.

What materials are available for Samsung phone covers?

Samsung Galaxy phone covers are made with materials such as:

  • Silicone: A synthetic compound that contains silicone in combination with other elements to be more gel-like.
  • Gel: A class of materials that are soft and stretchable and often described as 'jellylike' solids in terms of texture.
  • Rubber: A natural material with a high resilience and stretch ratio.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid case may contain different layers of materials, such as plastic on the cover and silicone, rubber, or gel within.
What are some accessories of Samsung phone cases?

The basic, box-like form of a phone case provides shock protection from hard impacts. Some of the cases available offer additional accessories such as:

  • Screen cover: A front flap that folds over the front to protect the screen from accidental scrapes and scratches.
  • Stand (or kickstand): A stand allows you to set the screen at a tilted angle on a flat surface for hands-free use.
  • Holster and clip: For quick and easy access, you can carry your smartphone in a holster that clips onto your belt, pocket, or purse.
  • Screen protector: A thin, transparent cover for the screen made of a gel-like material that allows you to view and press the screen while protecting it from scratches.
  • Bumpers: Corner protrusions, often made of rubber, that provide additional shock protection from high impacts.
Can Samsung phone cases protect from water damage?

Gel, rubber, and silicone are considered to be water-resistant. To fully protect from water damage, the case would require the ability to completely and tightly cover the phone. If the product listing doesn't show a case that has these features, the term 'water-resistant' may mean only that the case can be layed on a wet surface without water penetrating through the case.

What style options for phone cases are there?

Different elements of the case or cover can give you different style options. Consider the following:

  • Color: Black may be viewed more appropriate for a corporate meeting or other serious occasions. While on vacation at the beach, bright colors stay cool under a hot sun and offer a more festive impression.
  • Design: A wild design can express your personality, while solid black, white, or a subdued color project a more professional image.
  • Casing: A clip and holster work well when you're making frequent phone calls on the job, while a conventional case fits in a jacket pocket without making a bump.
  • Material: Gel, silicone, and rubber each have a distinct feel that affects how easily you can manipulate the phone to how easily it slides or grips a surface.
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