What You Need to Know About Silicone Gel Rubber Cell Phone Cases and Covers for an iPhone 5

Your iPhone is probably one of the most useful tools you own. You might be familiar with that stomach-churning moment when you pick up your recently dropped smartphone and check to see if you've cracked it. A good silicone, gel, or rubber case can help you protect your phone from this and many other types of damage.

What kinds of flexible cases are available for the iPhone?

A flexible iPhone case is a great option if you're looking for something slim, stylish, easy to install, and protective. There are many different kinds of rubber, gel, and silicone cases available for an iPhone 5.

  • Bumper cases: Bumper cases are a great option if you want a case that is malleable, protective, and easy to use. A snap-on bumper case goes around the edges of your phone with extra protection on your phone's corners. These bumpers help to spread out impact shock if you drop your iPhone by accident. They can be made of many different materials, most commonly rubber and silicone. Bumper cases come in a multitude of thicknesses, styles, shapes, and colors.
  • Waterproof sleeves or pouches: Waterproof sleeve and pouch cases are great choices if you're looking for easy-to-remove protection options that will keep your phone from getting wet. Many rubber sleeves are designed to enclose your phone entirely in a type of water-resistant or waterproof pouch. These transparent covers can be great for bringing your phone to the pool or anywhere that you expect to encounter water.
  • Gel shell cases: Soft shell cases cover the back and sides of your phone to help protect it from shocks, scratches, scrapes, and cracks. They also do a pretty good job of keeping dirt and debris out of the crevices of your phone. You may choose to use a screen protector with a soft shell case for added anti-scratch damage resistance; some screen protectors are even built-in. Shell cases can be made of many materials, but the most flexible will likely be made of gel. They come in many styles and colors for an iPhone 5.
How do you ensure a case fits correctly?

It's critical to choose a case that will fit your iPhone 5 properly. A case can't work unless it is fitted securely with the cut-outs for buttons in the correct locations. Most cases are designed to fit with specific smartphone models. The phone case you're looking at should list the devices it will be compatible with somewhere in its product details.

How can you figure out which iPhone model you own?

The iPhone 5 comes in a few different styles and model variants. To get the right iPhone 5 case, you'll need to know which specific model you own. One way to see which model you own is to look in your phone's settings. Go to Settings > General > About > SKU. The model number will start with the letter "A." This number is also sometimes printed on the back of your device. The iPhone 5 comes in a regular, 5c, and 5s variant.

  • For the regular iPhone 5: Models numbers are A1428, A1429, A1429, A1442, and A1428.
  • For the 5c: Models numbers are A1532, A1532, A1532, A1456, A1507, A1526, A1529, and A1516.
  • For the 5s: Models numbers are A1533, A1533, A1533, A1453, A1457, A1528, A1530, and A1518.
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