Finding the Right Silver Cell Phone Case for Your Phone

As smartphone manufacturers invent new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S8, they have also come out with accessories to go with the cell phone including case covers.

What are Benefits to Getting a Cell Phone Case?

While some may be content with just a phone, there are benefits to attaching a case to it.

  • Protective: Even the flimsiest of cases can provide some protection for your phone. While not all phone cases can claim to protect your Galaxy S7 Edge from cracking if you drop it, even an ultra slim case can at least keep the back of your phone from scratches.
  • It Can Hold Things: Folio cases are especially useful for this, as they come with their own wallet-like slip where you can fit cash bills, credit cards, driver's licenses and anything else you might need. When going for a run, you don't have to take your wallet along with your Samsung Galaxy S8. Even basic cases can carry a card or two hidden between the case and the back of the phone.
  • Style: While the functionality of cell phone cases are useful, some people choose their case on the basis of style. Cell phone cases can be sleek and silver, black, clear, and any other color, pattern, or print. Cases can also be made of different materials, like glass, metal, or leather. They can be a way to showcase your personality when pulling out your Samsung Galaxy S7.

What Should I Look for in a Phone Case?

Some people may choose their case based on aesthetics alone, you can look around for different Samsung cases that may provide different benefits based on your needs.

  • Flip-Case: For those who want extra protection on the front of their phone, a flip-case may be desirable. With these, you can protect from accidental scratches on your screen from putting your S7 Edge in the same pocket as your keys.
  • Armor Case: Clumsy types may want their phones hard to break from a fall. While these aren't the sleekest with their plain colors and bulky appearance, they can provide you with some assurance that your phone is less fragile than before.
  • Folio or Wallet Case: As said above, these cases can hold small, thin items. If you find yourself without your purse or wallet often, it may be wise to invest in a case that can hold a few bills and credit cards.

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