Samsung Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

A Lithium-ion battery is one of the most commonly used power sources in today's modern world. Differing from the non-rechargeable lead-acid batteries of the past, lithium ion utilizes the capacity to regain power. Chargeable devices such as cell phones, iPods, electric vehicles, flashlights, and even hoverboards use the battery that with a lithium core. Samsung offers an extensive collection of battery-related technology with the capacity to power both Samsung and non-Samsung devices. A lithium battery both promotes safety while providing power for extended hours at a time.

How Can I Use a Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery?

A battery differs depending on its Wh/kg, or watt-hours per kilogram capacity, its watts per kilogram, and its size and shape. There are many ways to use Samsung lithium-ion batteries in daily life.

  • Samsung specifically sells batteries with that use lithium ions for vape pens of different varieties. Shaped like a standard battery, this variety also works in power tools and robotics.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices greatly benefit from their built-in lithium-ion battery.
  • Lithium batteries are also used for mobility equipment and electric cars, using their growing technology to tap into the power of these lithium-powered batteries and the efficiency they provide.

How Do I Care for Lithium-Ion Batteries?

For proper safety, it's important to protect the battery itself, as well as all materials it comes in contact with. This maintains the longevity of the lithium, cycle life, and capacity to recharge.

  • Charging: Do not allow Li-ion cells to totally self-discharge. Recharge your battery before all energy becomes exhausted. Charge the cell fully before the first time of use.
  • Storage: Store your lithium-ion battery in a cool and dry place away from extreme heat. Also, refrain from keeping a spare battery in your bag without protecting with a plastic bag.
  • Use: Only use chargers meant for lithium-ion specific batteries. These charges take the technology's specific capacity and safety into account when manufactured.

How Do Lithium-Ion Cells Recharge?

The cells and material inside rechargeable batteries are different than a standard battery that is done after one use. Samsung uses a specific technology to extend the life of a rechargeable battery.

  • On a basic level, lithium ions travel with the help of electrolytes between the anode and cathode––the two main sides of a standard battery.
  • As the ions move from one side to the other through what's known as a separator, creating a current. Depending on whether the battery is producing a current or being charged, the ions travel through the separator between the anode and the cathode.
  • Additionally, Samsung technology uses graphene to help the item charge five times faster than those of the past. These cover the anode and the cathode for quicker charging and more use cycles.