Learn More About Roland Wide Format Printers

When you need to print large graphics, standard printers can?t always accommodate your size requirements. That?s where wide-format models come in ? they are engineered to handle oversized documents. Whether you?re setting up a business or expanding, you can find a variety of new and pre-owned Roland printers on eBay.

What is a wide format printer?

These printers, which are also called large format, offer a wider print area than a traditional printer. The print size is determined by the length of the roll of printer paper. Usually, wide format models hold rolls that are more than 18 inches long. These printers are ideal for oversized print projects. These large printers can be used for any print that doesn?t fit on a smaller machine. Items that are commonly printed on these devices include:

  • Trade show materials
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Engineering prints
What is a solvent printer?

Solvent printers are machines that use solvent ink. Since this ink is often less expensive than other types, solvent printers are often used by commercial businesses. These models are fast and efficient, so they can increase your production. Many solvent printers are engineered for longevity and built to handle heavy media.

What are some available features on a wide format printer?

As you?re shopping for printers, it?s helpful to look at the features of each machine. These features can help you choose the right model for your printing needs.

  • Integrated cutters: Printers with built-in cutters, such as the versatile Roland Versacamm, can create custom shapes for your printed materials. Many models can cut precise curves and crisp angles for a professional result.
  • Metallic ink capabilities: If you?re planning to print decals, this feature can help you to add metallic detailing.
  • Multiple print heads: With more than one print head, you can process large print jobs in less time.
  • Bluetooth: Printers with Bluetooth connect wirelessly to your tablet or a mobile control panel, so you can configure the printer and start jobs from your desk.
  • Fabric printing: Some models are compatible with fabric, making it easy to print everything from canvas art to tote bags.
How can you set up a Roland wide-format machine?

In most cases, these printers require special stands. The stands lift the printer off of the ground, leaving plenty of space for the finished print to feed out of the machine. As you browse printers for sale on eBay, you can choose from standalone models and models that include stands.

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