Razor Scooter Charger

Maintain Your Mobility Using a Razor Scooter Charger

An electric Razor scooter is a great way to get around the city when you want to travel slightly longer distances than usual. Some Razor scooter models can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour. If your Razor scooter charger is failing to keep the battery charged, you can find a working replacement on eBay.

What kinds of Razor chargers are available?

You can find deals on Razor battery chargers thanks to eBay. In some cases, you may be able to purchase combo packs. Many Razor scooters use a standard charging system across models, but you can use eBays helpful search options to find the charger that fits your specific needs. Two types of battery pack chargers you will find for the Razor are:

  • Standard: This category includes the regular wall charger for the Razor scooter. It comes with the charging pack and the power cable.
  • Combo: If you would also like to purchase a new or backup battery for your Razor, you can get an electrical charger that comes with an extra battery.
Are there different types of compatible batteries?

Some Razor scooter chargers are designed to work with specific battery compositions. You can browse through eBays entire selection of charging packs, or you can select a compatible battery type if you know the kind that is in your scooter. Its important to choose a charger that will work with your scooters battery. The most common battery types that you will find during your search are the following:

  • Lead-acid: This is the oldest type of rechargeable battery available. These batteries are lightweight but offer a lot of power for their size.
  • Li-ion: Lithium-ion batteries feature high charging capacities and tend to maintain their charge levels when not in use.
  • NiCd: These batteries charge quickly, are easy to store, and are not affected by low temperatures.
How do you know when the charger is done?

You may want to test your new Razor scooter charger after you get it. If your scooters battery was not functioning before because of the old charger, the new one can tell you when it is ready. After you plug the unit into a wall outlet, you should see a solid green light appear. Once you plug the other end of the electric charger into the port on your battery, the solid green light should turn red. This light will switch back to green once the battery has charged fully.

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