Perkins Industrial Generators

Perkins is a manufacturer of electric power generator engines. They create the engines that other Original Equipment Manufacturers use to create generators. The Perkins brand has a long-standing reputation for producing engines, whether they are used every day or once a year. The brand also works to reduce noise levels with every iteration of their engines.

Why Would You Need an Industrial Generator?

  • Contingencies: Generators are reliable sources of power during the event of a power outage. Maybe you live in an area where power services are spotty, or if you maintain a greenhouse or other type of operation that requires constant power. Perhaps you own a family-run gas station and suffer constant outages from either storms or an inadequate power grid. Generators provide the backup you need to keep your investments and interests afloat.
  • Construction Work: If you're building a bridge in the desert, you're going to need power to run your electrical tools. Perkins generators can be mounted on a trailer for enhanced portability, so you can take it to any job site in your locale.
  • Industries: Many industries use electric generators to keep services running. State services, for instance, require constant power to keep those same services available. We're talking garbage and recycling, water treatment, schools, communications facilities, and embassies. Any sort of power plant also uses some kind of industrial generator as either a backup or the main producer of electrical energy, which is then distributed to the grid.

What Kinds of Perkins Industrial Generators Are Available?

No matter which kind you have, you can look for Perkins generator parts on eBay, from replacement turbochargers to starters and fasteners. Regular repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement ensures your Perkins engine stays in top condition. Be sure you check part compatibility before finalizing a purchase.

  • Gas Powered: Perkins offers three kinds of gas-powered electrical generators as of 2018. The 4006-23TRS has a 6-cylinder engine, producing an electrical output ranging 307 to 375 kWe. The 4008-30TRS is an 8-cylinder generator producing up to 500 kWe of electrical output. And the biggest Perkins gas generator has 16 cylinders and produces up to 1000 kWe of power.
  • Diesel Powered: Perkins offers a large range of diesel generators, increasing the chances of finding one that really suits your needs. Diesel generators are known to last longer than their gas-powered counterparts and are more fuel-efficient because of the way diesel ignites when compressed. This makes the diesel generator a better option in terms of longevity and economy.

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