Looking Into Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are available through Panasonic and its Eneloop for many of your technology devices to use. These rechargeable batteries provide you with help for getting many of the devices in your home or business powered up.

How Does a Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Work?

An Eneloop lithium-ion battery from Panasonic works with a few points in mind:

  • An electrolyte in the battery will carry positively charged lithium ions from the anode or positively-charged port on a battery to the cathode or negatively-charged spot.
  • As the ions move, free electrons are created. This produces an electric current that powers up devices that a battery may be linked up to.
  • After a while, the battery cell will lose its charge. You can use a charger to restore the energy charge as the ions are released by the cathode and moved back into the anode.

What Makes These Batteries Useful?

There are many reasons why such an Eneloop battery from Panasonic is useful:

  • More energy density. Because lithium is a very reactive element, it can store more energy at a time. Lithium works well as an electro-positive metal as it can produce a higher voltage within each cell, thus making it easy to use.
  • Retains its charge well. The risk of continuous discharge will be minimal as the battery will lose a significantly smaller amount of its charge on average than what a NiMH battery might lose.
  • No memory effect. The memory effect occurs in some rechargeable batteries as a situation where you would have to discharge the battery all the way before recharging it. A li-ion battery pack does not require you to do this as the effect is not an issue here.

What Batteries Can Work?

Your Eneloop lithium-ion battery can come in one of many forms. You can find AA and AAA batteries that use this material. A larger battery pack that can link many AAA or AA batteries together may also be found for larger items that need a high-capacity battery.

Either way, the li-ion batteries you use can be charged up with special stations. An AA or AAA model may be added into a plug-in case that provides energy to the batteries to support the ions as they are moved into the anode. A larger battery cell pack will use a separate port that plugs into a wall outlet or USB spot.

Review the Capacity

You must be aware of the capacity of any battery you wish to use. The battery capacity is measured by mAh or milliamp hours. A battery with a higher mAh total will hold more power and therefore last longer before you have to add it into a charger. The total amount of power will vary based on the battery you use. An AA battery is more likely to contain more power than an AAA unit.

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