About Onan Industrial Generators

As the thunder booms, the lights flicker, and you groan knowing what is coming next. With an Onan generator 4000 you do not have to worry about losing power. Keep the lights and the refrigerator running with the ultra-quiet Onan that delivers power when you need it most. An Onan RV generator features a microprocessor control with diagnostics, so you can easily track the system's performance. A direct voltage regulator prevents unsafe spikes in voltage, and its fuel-efficient design keeps your campsite going for days. Put an Onan marine generator on your boat that features state-of-the-art controls with a self-monitoring diagnostic system. Replace parts on an older generator to keep it running when you need it. Easy-to-navigate designs make the Onan a simple system to maintain. A portable generator comes in handy for frequent campers and those who live in areas where the power goes out often. Find an Onan generator 4000 through the large inventory on eBay. Do not let a little thing like lost electricity stop you from functioning. Keep the lights on no matter what.