NOW Foods Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

NOW Foods Vitamins and Dietary Supplements

Supplements are a great way to ensure your body is getting what it needs to stay healthy. NOW Foods brand offers quality vitamins, minerals, and various other products to promote health and longevity. With dozens of quality products to choose from, NOW Foods is a leader in the natural products industry.

What is the meaning of dietary supplement?

A supplement is a product that is ingested to help fulfill the daily intake of certain nutrients needed in the body. While these nutrients should primarily be obtained through various foods, sometimes, it is difficult to consume enough of these food sources to reach the needed amount of nutrients. To replenish the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are lacking, dietary supplementation may be considered.

What does the “best by” date mean?

The "best by" date indicates the date by which the product should be used for best quality. It typically includes a month and a year by which the product should be consumed for best results. Storing the product according to package directions will ensure its shelf life.

Where are NOW Foods products manufactured?

NOW Foods manufactures and distributes their products in the United States and Canada. Source locations for all raw materials are documented as well as locations where ingredients were processed. NOW Foods maintains its own testing laboratories and has strict quality assurance standards for all raw materials. NOW products are free from irradiated materials and rigorously tested for microbes. They are also free from heavy metals, and each product is tested for potency and purity. The company is certified and evaluated each year by the Natural Products Association and has received the highest rating for good manufacturing practices for several years.

How do you incorporate vitamin and mineral supplements?

The need for supplemental vitamins and minerals depends on an individuals diet. For those who consume plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and a variety of carbohydrate and protein sources, supplementation may not be as critical. For those who do not take care to eat a healthy variety of foods, supplemental nutrition may be necessary. Often times, people experience deficiencies in certain nutrients that may cause health issues. When these deficiencies are corrected, many health issues may be resolved.

What kinds of products does NOW Foods make?

NOW manufactures and distributes a variety of products including multivitamins, protein powders, herbal capsules, weight loss products, joint health capsules, digestive enzymes, fish oils, essential fatty acid supplements, and brain health products. The NOW Foods brand has a massive product range and has been a quality leader in natural health since 1968.

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