How to Choose the Right Motorola Cell Phone Car Charger

The Motorola brand, also known as Moto, was founded in 1928 as a telecommunications company and has gone on to produce numerous cell phones and similar mobile devices. Because its devices don't have a proprietary port, you can use most car chargers with a microUSB extension. This guide will help you find the right charger to fill your phone's battery so you're not caught on the side of the road with a flat tire and a dead cell phone.

How many amps should the Motorola car charger provide?

You can find car chargers in many different amperage levels. There are some that provide less than one amp while others go up to two or more amps. The amount you need largely depends on the specific device you connect to the charger in your vehicle and how many devices you intend on connecting. Selecting a car charger with fewer amps than needed will usually still charge the device but may take hours longer than if you selected a more powerful unit.

What are the different types of Motorola car charger adapters?

The adapter is the part that fits into your car's lighter socket. While there are various features that each adapter has, such as a power light or multiple ports, there are two different types of adapters in general:

  • Permanent cable: These chargers come with the cable connected directly to the adapter. This means you don't need any extra cables, but they only have a single USB port and the entire unit must be replaced if the cable fails.
  • Port-only chargers: These adapters have a USB port that allows you to connect a cable to them. This allows you to choose the cable you need and allows you to use a new cable if the existing one fails.
What features should you consider for a car charger?

Car chargers used for Motorola cell phones or any other manufacturer come with various extra features. Most of the features are optional, but they add additional functionality to the charger and may suit your needs better than a standard charger.

  • Multiple ports: Some chargers come with multiple USB ports. This allows you to connect several USB cables to the car charger and charge numerous devices simultaneously. However, you may need a higher amperage to charge multiple devices in your vehicle properly.
  • Quick charge: Quick-charge adapters are made to push a little more power into your device, allowing it to charge faster than with a regular charger. These can typically fill your battery to about 60% in 30 minutes, but the speed slows down after that to avoid overloading the device.
  • Power light: A power light is simply a little red light on the side of the adapter that tell you it's charging a device. This will show you that the charger is actively recharging your device without making you check the phone itself.