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How to Purchase Microsoft Windows 98 Software

Meant to make your computer run more efficiently and give you access to numerous programs and features, Microsoft Windows 98 is uncomplicated to install and provides a multipurpose operating system for home or business use. You can use Microsoft software to upgrade a desktop or laptop computer, and Windows 98 offers plenty of user-friendly features for beginners and expert Windows users alike.

What Are the Software Editions?

One of the first things you'll notice when searching for Windows software for sale is the fact that there are several different editions available. These are meant for specific purposes depending on what your specific needs are. In addition to the main version, there is also a Second Edition of Windows 98 with added features.

  • The Windows Home operating system is meant for casual, everyday use on your home computer and has the features you need for basic use.
  • The Business edition of the Windows operating system includes more features meant for small-business use.
  • You can opt for the Professional version of Windows 98 if you are well-versed in technology and desire even more features than the other two versions offer or if you need it for large business purposes. 
What Comes with Windows 98?

Purchasing an all-inclusive Windows bundle ensures that you get everything you need to quickly install your software and begin using it as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you only need one Microsoft component, you can purchase these products individually.

  • The main component of the Microsoft Windows OS is the disk you use to install Windows onto your computer, which comes in the form of a CD or DVD.
  • You'll receive a booklet or manual that tells you how to add your Windows to your computer as well as how to use the new features that the OS offers. You'll also discover how to get familiar with the interface in order to learn about the features and changes from the previous OS.
  • A product key is a necessity when you're using Microsoft. This key is what you use to register your Windows and begin using it successfully, and every bundle should come with this crucial component.
What Features Does Win98 Offer?

When you upgrade your Microsoft system to Windows 98, you'll enjoy a range of updated features and applications. 

  • Internet Explorer is a user-friendly Web browser that comes standard with Microsoft products. The first edition includes Internet Explorer 4.01, and the Second Edition includes 5.0.
  • The Quick Launch toolbar lets you access many applications with one click, making multitasking even easier than before.
  • Windows 98 offers access to Microsoft Outlook Express to send and receive email.

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