Metallica iPhone 5 Cases Protect Your Phone from Serious Damage

The iPhone 5 is a sturdy and adaptable model that can benefit from the added protection of a metallic iPhone case. These cases provide a broad range of protection benefits and many other features. Understanding these available models will make it easier for you to make a selection.

What types are available for the iPhone 5?

Those who want to buy an iPhone case have many different options. That's because iPhone 5 cases vary. Just a few of these variations include:

  • Waterproof: A broad range cases are designed to protect it if it falls in some water. Some are water resistant, though, rather than waterproof.
  • Kickstand: A kickstand lets you display your iPhone 5 and watch videos or listen to music on it more efficiently.
  • Card Pocket: Many iPhone 5 cases will hold credit cards and other essential items to provide you with a compact wallet.
  • Projector: Display your iPhone 5 screen in a larger format by using the projector available in some types of iPhone case models.
What variations are available for these cases?

Before buying one of these cases for your iPhone 5, it is essential to consider the variations that are available. For example, a 3D case creates a unique look that you cannot get with other types. Sometimes, these types of cases are paired with additional features to create a hybrid case.

Meanwhile, a battery case is designed to protect your phone's battery and keep it from popping out. Other variations include a wallet case, a clip case, a flip case, and even those with bumpers. These features are pretty self-explanatory, such as a clip case attaching to your belt or pocket with a simple clip.

What kind of materials are used in these cases?

The types of materials used in these metallic covers will vary, depending on the model. Most will use aluminum to create a sturdy and reliable case. However, others may have materials such as carbon fiber accents to improve the strength and flexibility of the cover.

Other models will use rigid plastic, silicone, and rubber for decorative and pragmatic purposes. For example, rubber stoppers on the inside of the case keep your phone from getting scraped on the metal case. Other types may even use leather to create a more natural and unique style.

How many colors can be used on these covers?

There are seven main colors used for these cases. They include black, blue, gold, pink, red, white, and silver. However, there are also transparent models that allow the color of your phone to stand out.