Power Your Trip Outdoors with Single-Use Lithium-Based AA Batteries

Depending on their use, some batteries are more suited to perform in certain situations than others. Ideal for outdoor use, single-use lithium AA batteries are built to withstand extreme temperatures so that your camping trip isn't ruined by a device that has run out of juice. A single-use AA lithium battery will last long both in shelf-life and when in use, which means you won't have to worry about how many tries it takes to capture that perfect shot.

What are single-use lithium-based AA batteries?

Many devices require the installation of one or more batteries. Lithium batteries are light and strong, and they last awhile. Lithium batteries are made of materials that can endure extreme hot and cold temperatures, so they can travel with you up mountains or into the desert. These batteries come in many sizes. AA lithium-based batteries are not rechargeable, and single-use lithium batteries are capable of fully powering devices until their charge runs out. The long life of these batteries means that although they cannot be recharged they can withstand multiple uses. Brands like Energizer, Maxwell, and Duracell offer this kind of battery.

How are are single-use AA lithium batteries used?

Single-use lithium batteries can be used to power any device that uses batteries in the corresponding sizes and voltages. It is important to check the voltage, not just the size, of lithium batteries because of their power. These batteries may be stored in a wide range of environments until the device is ready to be used and are less likely to leak or expire than other types of batteries. Because of this, you may find "leak-proof" on some labels. Due to their long shelf life, resistance to extreme temperatures, and light weight, some of their applications are as follows:

  • Outdoors: Camping, beach, and any otherwise extreme hot or cold weather
  • High drain devices: Digital cameras, hand held games, and pacemakers
  • Emergency: Basement, attic, or car storage in case of emergency
  • Other small electronic devices: watches, calculators, thermometers, and car locks
What are the rules for air travel with these batteries?

Lithium-based batteries are highly efficient because of the great amount of energy they produce. Because of the high currents of lithium-based batteries, some restrictions have been placed on air travel. These batteries must already be installed in the device in order to travel, in some cases. Single-use AA lithium-based batteries that are not preinstalled on devices may be prohibited from flying in different countries. If traveling with lithium batteries, it would be advisable to check the rules before entering the airport.