Leister Heat Guns

Heat guns, which are also known as hot air tools, are a convenient item to have accessible for welders and handymen, and this type of equipment can be utilized in home, during construction, or for industrial use. Leister specializes in the production of heating components, laser welding systems, and plastic welding equipment, and they manufacture a number of high-end hot air tools to ensure that you can find the appropriate machine for all of your project needs. Leister machines vary in temperature, size, functionality, adjustments, and more, so be sure to consider what uses you will need before purchase a product.

What functions do heat guns have?

These machines can be used in a variety of situations, and many tools can be used for multiple jobs by simply switching the nozzle.

  • Product removal: These products are commonly used to remove tiles, paint, or other substances. They can also be used to melt wax that needs to be removed or added to products, such as skis and snowboards.
  • Welding: Welders also often these products when welding plastics, as these products can be used to mold plastics or shrink wrap.
  • Piping: If a pipe freezes, these tools can help effectively melt any fluids inside the pipes to prevent them from breaking. Pipe or tube connectors can also be secured or shrunk to ensure a watertight fit.
  • Drying: A concentrated and stable hot air source provides an effective way to dry out a variety of products, including woods, paint, and others.

What temperature ranges do Leister heat guns offer?

Leister offers a number of different heating machines, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. Products can either have a set temperature or can be adjustable, and their products vary from about 60 to over 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the intended use. The TRIAC AT tool, for example, is designed for welding and shrinking plastics, and it offers multiple heat settings that range from around 110 to nearly 1,150 degrees Fahrenheit.

What nozzles are available for Leister heat guns?

Leister welding machines offer a number of different nozzle options, and some project-specific products come with a single built-in nozzle. Other products, like the TRIAC ST, are compatible with a number of interchangeable nozzles.

  • Cone: The cone shape attachment works to concentrate hot air at a specific point by acting as a funnel.
  • Tubular: Tubular attachments can be straight, curved, or angled in shape, and they function to direct hot air onto a very specific spot by forcing the hot air through a long tube.
  • Reflector: Reflector models can be in the shape of a curved arc or in a cube shape with one side open. This design is beneficial when welding or soldering pipes.
  • Wide slot: Slot attachments direct the air into a thin, long area for precision welding work.
  • Defrosting: These products have a semi-circular shape and are designed to sit directly on pipes to maximize surface area contact to clear frozen blockages.
  • Welding: Leister produces a number of specific welding nozzles to ensure that every welder can find the specific attachment for their job.