What You Should Know About Leather Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S

A leather case for Samsung Galaxy S phones protects them from wear-and-tear during your daily commute. These cases typically come with pouches for storing cash and credit cards so you can keep your valuables in one convenient place without needing an additional wallet or billfold. They also come in a wide range of styles to match any look.

What are some types of Samsung Galaxy S leather cases?

Cases for Samsung phones come in many kinds of leather, including folio and matte leather in beige, white, black, and bright colors. You can also choose between cases made of faux or genuine leather. In addition, cases for the Galaxy S come in a variety of shapes, such as:

  • Holster: Featuring a top flap, these pouch-shaped cases attach to belts for easy access throughout the day.
  • Flip Cover: Similar to wallets, these cases open with a flick of the thumb and feature rows of compartments for credit cards.
  • Skin: These cases are slim and form-fitting, allowing for easy storage in pockets and bags.
  • Zip Cover: Leather zip cover cases have a zipper flap for more secure storage.
  • Hardshell: These sturdy, reinforced cases give your Samsung Galaxy device extra protection while on the go.
How do you choose a Galaxy S leather case?

If you want a Samsung Galaxy case that doubles as a wallet, you might prefer one with compartments, pouches, and pockets for your belongings. If you mainly want to protect your device in the event of spills or drops, consider getting a waterproof or shockproof case. Some cases are lightweight to make carrying them easier, and some have a detachable portion for your phone so you don't have to carry the whole case everywhere. You may also like leather cases that shut magnetically to help the flap over your screen stay closed. Case covers often feature striking design elements, such as embossed textures, colorful cartoon characters, and bold patterns.

What are some additional features of these cases?

Many cases for Samsung devices come with additional conveniences. Some cases for the Samsung Galaxy S have kickstands for taking pictures, taking video, or giving you a better view of your phone while working. Cases may also have holes in the leather so you can attach devices or take pictures without removing the smartphone. Finally, these cases sometimes come with wristlets that attach to your arm, metal loops for hooking to your pants, and straps that attach to your bag for convenient carrying.

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