LG Verizon Cell Phones & Smartphones

LG is a company based in South Korea that manufactures smartphones in addition to other electronics and home appliances. LG typically outfits its smartphones with durable hardware while making the interface easy to use.

What types of Verizon LG phones are available?

LG manufactures a variety of phones for Verizon Wireless. The different models available for Verizon Wireless run from basic with limited features to Android touchscreen cell phones.

  • Basic phones: Some LG basic phones for Verizon still have four-line QWERTY keyboards or flip covers. These phones are often limited to text, basic mobile web, and pictures. Most include a 1.3 to 2-megapixel camera. These Verizon cell phones may be an appropriate option for those who just want to make calls.
  • Android touchscreen cell phones: These Verizon Wireless phones come with an Android operating system and can make use of the 4G LTE network offered by Verizon. Features do vary by model, but they often include OLED display technology, higher-powered cameras for picture-taking and video-making, and face and voice recognition.
How do you turn on a Verizon LG phone?

Because there are several types of Verizon phones from LG, the way you turn the cell phone on depends on the type of smartphone you have.

  • Flip phone: Flip up the top of the phone. Push down and hold the end/power key to turn the device on.
  • Sliding phone: The power control is usually found on the bottom right of these Verizon devices when the screen is to the front. Push and hold until the cellphone powers up.
  • Bar phone: Most Verizon LG bar cell phones have a power button on the back of the cell phone under the camera. After ensuring that the device is fully charged, press and hold the button until the display lights up. If the power key is not on the back, it may be found on the top right side.
Where is the model number on the Verizon LG phone?

The model numbers for all Verizon Wireless Android cell phones are located in the same place regardless of the type of device you have. To find the model number, there are some steps you will need to take:

  • Turn off the device: Removing the battery while the phone is still on can damage the hardware, so wait until it has fully powered off.
  • Remove the back cover: The back cover should pop off easily. Then, remove the battery. The model number will be located on a white sticker.

Alternatively, you can find the Verizon Android cell phone's model number in your device's Settings menu. This method does not require you to turn off your cell phone.