Choosing a Case, Cover, or Skin For Your Smartphone

A wide variety of cases fit the LG G4 phone, providing both protection and allowing for personalized designs. Not only does it have a slightly differently arranged camera and flash position than other phones, but it also has the Quick Circle, which turns a small part of the screen into a touch display for use through a flip case without needing to turn the screen back on or open it up.

What Styles of Cases Are There?

There are different styles of G4 case that cover a wide range of themes and materials.

  • Folio: Most phone cases or covers for this phone are slim folio cases. These take full advantage of the Quick Circle functionality. They have a small clear window on the front that allows the Quick Circle to be easily accessed while still functioning as a screen protector.
  • Wallet or Purse: These phone cases either resemble leather wallets or purses with the phone inside, or are full-sized wallets with the phone case built-in. Some are real leather, while others are synthetic.
  • Armor Cases: These protective cases are made of a shell of thickened polycarbonate and rubber, and provide rugged shock protection and enhanced grip. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs.
  • Belt Clip Holster: These full-body cases protect your smartphone in a leather or canvas holster, which is sealed with a small buckle. They can be clipped to a belt for easy access while still providing protection for the device from the elements.
  • Battery Covers: These skins replace the existing cover attached to the back of the phone. While offering no additional protection, they allow for a G4 phone to be personalized without needing to purchase a larger case, maintaining the slim look.

What Pop Culture Designs of Cases, Covers, and Skins for the LG G4 Are Available?

There are a wide range of pop culture cases.

  • Pokemon: There are several Pokemon skins, with different characters and themes. There is a Pokedex case, a Jigglypuff case, and a Ancient Mew hieroglyphic case.
  • Batman: There are several Batman cases, with designs such as the Adam West Batman and Robin, modern Batgirl, and more.
  • Naruto: Naruto cases come in designs that include an Uzumaki case, an Akatsuki case, an Uchiha case, and others.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cases featuring Dragon Ball Z characters feature Goku, Majiin Vegeta, and a Capsule Corps case.

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