Choosing Batteries for a Verizon Phone

Even the in-demand batteries of a cell phone can lose their power over hundreds of charges, so when you want to extend the lifespan of your LG cell phone, replace the worn-out battery with a brand-new one and continue to enjoy the features of your Optimus or other device.

What Does Battery Capacity Mean?

As you browse for batteries, you'll notice that many of them have a number with the acronym "mAh" next to it. This measurement signifies how much of a charge your battery holds and how long it holds it for.

  • mAh stands for "milliampere hour." It's commonly used to denote battery power and performance, as well as how much energy your battery can hold.
  • The higher the number of mAh, the longer your battery lasts. Imagine your battery as a tiny gas tank, and as you use it, the fuel depletes. A higher capacity means you can go for longer before reaching for your charger.
  • On the other hand, a larger milliampere measurement doesn't necessarily mean the quality of the battery is better. To know which capacity of battery to buy, consider how often and for what purpose you use your cell phone.

When Should You Replace the Battery?

You can't imagine living your life without your cell phone, but over time, even batteries may require replacement here and there. There are a few signs and symptoms that alert you that it might be time to replace your LG's power source.

  • Your phone won't hold a charge no matter how long it stays on the charger. A battery that used to last for 10 hours now depletes after only two or three, which is a sign that you need a new phone battery.
  • You can't use your phone unless it's actually plugged into the charger. This is a definite sign that your battery has got to go.
  • Your phone won't power on, period; it's dead. You're now in a situation where a replacement is no longer optional because you'll need a replacement part to revive and continue to use your phone.

What Do You Need to Install a Battery?

Though you may consider yourself well-versed in tech, installing a cell phone battery can be slightly intimidating; however, with the right tools, doesn't have to be difficult. Before you sit down to give your phone new life, make sure you have a few tools on hand to help with this task.

  • You'll need a pry tool to open your mobile phone to get to the battery. These are meant for small electronics parts and pieces.
  • A Phillips-head screwdriver should allow you to remove necessary screws on your smartphone.
  • Use a spudger tool to help ease the cell phone battery out of its compartment. Other items such as a suction cup and tweezers could also come in handy when you're installing a new cell phone battery.

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