LG AT&T Cell Phones and Smartphones

Cell phones from LG are an option for the AT&T customer on the go. Whether you need a large screen or a simple flip phone, there are options in a variety of colors, sizes, and processor speeds. The AT&T network offers ample opportunity for LG users to use their Androids to perform work, to play with apps, and to take pictures with the smartphone's internal camera.

How much storage capacity is available with an LG?
  • 256 MB: Users needing simple LG cell phones may be interested in a basic flip phone. They are typically extremely light, weighing less than a quarter of a pound.
  • 8 GB: When you need a smartphone that can handle web browsing, email, and other applications, consider one with at least 8 GB. An AT&T Android unit with this amount of memory generally weighs around 0.5 pound and is approximately 6 inches tall.
  • 32 GB: If you take a lot of photos using the camera, you need a significant amount of memory. With 32 GB, you can save plenty of photos, videos, and documents.
  • 64 GB: If you play a lot of games and use your LG phone on a daily basis, this is a good choice for you. This device can store approximately 2,000 photos and plenty of applications.
What AT&T LG phone styles are available?
  • Flip: For users without a need for a touchscreen or extra features, a flip phone is a convenient way to stay in touch with others. Another feature of this design is the virtual impossibility of accidentally “pocket-dialing” others.
  • Bar: As a mobile device shaped like a candy bar, this one is designed to be durable while making apps easier to use. For convenience, all of the buttons, such as power and volume, are on one side of the unit. These systems tend to have a good battery lifespan as well.
  • Slider: Sliders feature a full keyboard under the phone itself. When sending a text message or an e-mail, simply slide the keyboard out. When done, slide the keyboard back in for safe storage.
What are 3G and 4G mobile carriers?

3G means the device or carrier is from what's called the “third generation." This was the start of the smartphone era. 4G stands for fourth generation. The 4G units and carriers are typically 10 times faster than the 3G versions. While you can use the AT&T 3G network on a 4G system, you need a 4G phone to use AT&T 4G.

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