Kyocera Verizon 手机和智能手机



Everything You Need to Know About Kyocera Cell Phones and Smartphones With Verizon

Even though Kyocera has been a well-known electronics brand since 1959, its cell phone business began in the early 2000s. Most of its phones are offered by top CDMA carriers including Verizon, and the brand’s DuraForce and Brigadier series offer some notable Android smartphones with tons of incredible features. Most of its models are sturdy, waterproof and offer many shock-resistant features, making them ideal choices for everyday usage.

What are some features of these smartphones?
  • Camera: A wide-angle rear sensor camera with 13 MP makes for vivid photography
  • TouchScreen operation: These devices are Glove and Wet touchscreen compatible, which means you can operate them wearing a glove or even when your fingers are wet.
  • Smart sonic receiver: With smart front speakers, these phones transmit sound and deliver clear sound and excellent call quality
  • Operating system: These phones support Android operating systems
  • Processor: Kyocera phones feature Qualcomm Snapdragon processors
How does the Kyocera smartphone serve as a rugged phone?

The DuraForce Kyocera phones are built to withstand rugged environments such as rain, shock, high temperatures and cold. They are waterproof to a depth of 6 1/2 feet and are cold and heat resistant. To make navigation easy, the phone has the wet touchscreen compatibility feature so that users can operate the phone while wearing gloves. With a heavy black polycarbonate body, these phones are sturdy and rigid. Innovative design with different textures and ridges add more shock resistance to this phone. In short, these devices are built big, heavy, and rugged.

How is the display of this Verizon phone?

The Verizon wireless phone features a 5-inch LCD HD display with the density of 441 pixels per inch. Expect a crystal-clear picture, text, images and video display with this phone featuring more than 720p Cat PPi. Because of that, the phone offers excellent outdoor visibility too. The Kyocera Sapphire Shield protects the picture display from dust, damage, shock and scratches, and even from shocks due to any direct drops on hard floors.

What is the built-in memory and card slot capacity in GB?

This Android phone comes with 16 GB ROM/2 GB RAM memory space. Those looking for a memory upgrade to a higher GB can make use of the microSD memory card slot, which supports up to 32 GB of external memory.

How is the Verizon Kyocera Smartphone’s battery life?

This Verizon Smartphone has a maximum battery life of 5 hours and 39 minutes when actively used. The life can be boosted with the built-in battery manager using the Eco mode. When in Eco mode, the phone automatically minimizes screen brightness and identifies unwanted functions and background apps that drain the phone. The included Qualcomm 2.0 Quick Charge adapter takes two hours to charge the phone fully.

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