Ingersoll Rand Industrial Air Tools

Whether you are doing a professional aircraft job or a home project, Ingersoll Rand industrial air tools are an option to make your work easier. From air drills and impact wrenches to ratchets and grinders, browse the Ingersoll Rand power tools you need to complete your project. Keeping a few things in mind will help you select the right equipment for the job.

What are the benefits of Ingersoll Rand industrial air tools?

Also called pneumatic tools, Ingersoll Rand air-powered tools are light, precise, and fast compared to electric tools. Rather than plugging them directly into an electric outlet, air tools connect to an air compressor via a flexible hose with an adapter for multiple tools. Compressor and air tool power are both measured in pounds per square inch of air pressure.

What Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools are available?
  • The rapid air finish nailers are fast and easy to use with the squeeze of a trigger.
  • The aircraft rivet gun comes with five rivet sets and a built-in regulator and takes 0.401 shanks.
  • Ingersoll Rand's 3/8-inch impact wrench delivers high torque and includes a task light.
  • The air ratchet wrench works in the tightest spots. The Ingersoll Rand cyclone air die grinder can have a 90-degree or 180-degree head.
What Ingersoll Rand air compressors are available?

Portable compressors hold one gallon of compressed air, and industrial tanks can hold 500 or more gallons of air. Smaller tanks are easier to transport while larger air compressors allow you to use more tools at a time. Portable models come in pancake styles that are flat and round, and enclosed styles conceal the tank. Enclosed models are quieter, and pancake tanks are larger, requiring the motor to turn over fewer times per use.

What accessories go with air tools?

Several add-ons will make your work even more efficient while using Ingersoll Rand air tools. Airline regulators let you keep track of the air pressure you use as you work. Lighted rubber tool boots protect specific tools from vibration, grime, and scratches. Assorted sandpapers are designed for use with your pneumatic sanders.

How do you choose Ingersoll Rand tools?

If you are trying to decide on purchasing a ratchet, an impact wrench, or a grinder, you can pick the right combination of Ingersoll Rand tools, parts, and accessories for the job if you consider the benefits, variety, and specifications of the tools as well as the job at hand.

  • Pick tools that use the amount of air pressure supplied by the compressor.
  • Determine whether the compressor is oil-free and maintenance-free or requires a maintenance schedule.
  • Select quality air hoses.
  • Choose Ingersoll Rand tools specified for the job.
  • Purchase the required accessories at the same time.
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