Industrial Diesel Generators

Commercial zones require a reliable power source. Energy is most effective when it's constant and steady. A new or used industrial diesel generator can offer you this steady solution during emergencies.

The different types of generators

There are three main types of generators: a portable generator, a standby generator, and an inverter generator.

  • Portable generator: A portable generator provides a temporary electrical power source and is powered by diesel or gas. These kinds of generators can run small household items like fridges and TVs.
  • Standby generator: A standby generator automatically switches on within a few seconds when there is a power loss. These are useful if there are frequent electrical outlets in your area and it is essential to have units running. Standby generators can be useful if there is a heat wave and the power goes out. If you still need your air conditioner to cool the air, for example, a standby generator can be a lifesaver.
  • Inverter generator: An inverter generator produces AC power and is smaller, lighter, and more fuel efficient than a normal generator.  

Will a generator work when the power is out? 

An operable generator will use its own source of energy. This doesn't require that it rely on a power grid or any other external sources of fuel. A tank stores the diesel source, and you can replace it when you need to. You rely on generators for power when other sources are down. You can carry some around like suitcases, while others you push and pull on wheels. Stationary units will power large buildings and work as a secondary power source for hospitals. Here are some features you'll find within the eBay category of powerful generators:

  • Engine construction: Each unit uses an internal engine to generate a steady power source. That energy is then transferred into the type of power you need. The power could be compressed air for operating tools or as a junction box that you can connect electrical devices to and even charge your phone.
  • Diesel tank: Fuel is important to making a generator work properly. The fuel choices you have include gasoline, battery, and diesel. Each is effective for the type of energy you use, and you can replenish it as needed.
  • Battery-powered: Battery-powered engines are special in that they don't use combustibles to power the unit. Batteries may be a preferred option if you can't store gasoline and diesel properly.

How do you shut the power on and off?

You can operate generators available on eBay with relative ease. You can find the on and off options on the same toggle. Some require that you pull a starting cord, but this is only a secondary method. A simple key is enough to operate on most models. The key works in the same manner as your vehicle's ignition does. Once the unit starts, you then have the choice to idle the engine or direct energy to your control panel.

How much fuel will operate a generator?

The average consumption of diesel in a generator is based on the size, and a 20-kilowatt unit will consume roughly 0.9 gallons to 1.3 gallons per hour. A 2,250-kilowatt motor will consume roughly 116 gallons per hour. These rates are suitable for both gasoline and diesel power. You can energize batteries beforehand and therefore enjoy a longer shelf life.