Industrial Air Fresheners

Fragrances have been used to mask odors since forever. The oldest civilizations used perfumes and other fragrance-emitting products to mask unpleasant scents and smells dating as far back as 1200 BCE. In the modern world, industrial air fresheners keep bathrooms, hotel rooms, schools, and homes odor-free. If you are looking to stock up on commercial dispensers and industrial fresheners, you can find a healthy choice of brands, such as Lysol, Febreeze, Glade, and more so you're never stuck without options. Search on eBay to browse the various air fresheners and scent dispensers.

What Types of Industrial Air Fresheners Are Available?

  • Evaporative: You can commonly find these air freshener dispensers in hotel and spa lobbies. Evaporative air fresheners emit a vapor that consists of water and essential oils, which are supposed to both clear the air and soothe your senses. This type is ideal if you're looking to customize the scent in the air because you can easily add in the essential oil of your choosing. They also do not keep you reliant on air freshener refills.
  • Aerosol Spray: They contain the strongest scents out of all the types of dispensers but have the advantage of being convenient and easy to transport. The pressurized cans contain a concentrated volume of freshener mixture that can be dispensed by a steady release of the pressure through a high-pressure nozzle that you activate with a trigger or button. Aerosol deodorizers are the most widely available and popular industrial air fresheners.
  • Gel and Hang Tag: These two types are classified together because they emit deodorizing compounds through sublimation. Gel air fresheners have semi-liquid mixtures that combine with air particles to mask bad smells. You can also achieve odor control in small spaces like cars and cabins with hang tag air fresheners, which vary in size and length of effectiveness.

How Do You Maximize the Effectiveness of Air Fresheners?

One of the drawbacks of using sanitizers and commercial air fresheners is the potential for distributing chemical compounds that can both aggravate asthma and cause illness in infants. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take steps to improve odor control and help the air freshener dispenser work at its best.

  • Remove the Source of Odor: It is best if you can find the source of the smell first before resorting to spraying an area. Check behind couches, under rugs, and inspect corners and carpets for any odor-emitting spots. Clean the spot well so that all you are left to deal with is the lingering scent in the air.
  • Allow Ventilation: Before spraying an area, leave windows and vents open for at least an hour to reduce the odor first. This is both for economy and health purposes because it saves you from purchasing refills.