Incipio 手机钱包式保护壳



Protection and Convenience with Incipio Cell Phone Wallet Cases

Incipio wallet cases provide a variety of protective features for cell phones. Cases feature wallets with slots for credit cards and cash depending on the model. Different materials of construction, including polycarbonate, are used in a range of colors.

What are some of the colors and designs available?

The wallet cases available feature a range of different designs, including both solid-colored and multicolored designs. Solid-colored designs feature a single color for the entire case, including both front and back covers if the case has multiple parts. Multicolored designs feature different colors in certain areas of the phone. A case may be gray at the top and bottom of the back panel and black in the center. Certain cases may also feature a stripe on their back panel that traverses the length of the product. Credit card slots may also feature different colors to indicate their positions. The availability of different colors varies between individual listings. Some of the different solid colors that are available include:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Pink
What are some of the protective features offered?

Cases feature several different materials of construction, including polycarbonate, rubber, and leather. Select cases may feature multiple layers using more than one material. Products featuring areas for credit cards may include a front flap that is designed to cover the front side of the phone. The flap is pulled back when the user wants to access the screen. Cases also offer a range of protective features for both weather hazards and drops. The availability of certain protective features varies between individual phone models. Some of the protective features offered in the collection of cases include:

  • Water resistance
  • Dirt resistance
  • Shock resistance
  • Screen protection
What are some of the wallet and functional features available?

Available products containing a wallet feature slots that are capable of storing credit cards, cash, and IDs. Slots are designed to hold credit cards tightly against the facing of the case. The location of the slots varies between products, with some featuring a flap and others featuring a pocket on the back side of the case. In addition, cases may also include stands for the purpose of holding up a phone. The style of the stand varies, with some cases having a plastic stand that clips off the case body. Other cases feature a flap that can be folded into a functional stand. Stands hold phones horizontally at an angle. Select cases are designed to be slim for the purpose of minimizing the space they take up.

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