Purple Cases and Covers to Keep Your Huawei Phone Protected

Huawei purple cell phone cases and covers have a range of protective features that are designed to protect phones from a variety of different hazards. These cases are made of different materials, and there are several different aesthetic designs available in the collection including patterned designs and secondary colors.

What are some of the available protective features?

Several different protective features are included in the cases for different intents. One feature included is a wrist strap for the purpose of fall prevention and is designed to fit your hand. Some of the Huawei purple phone cases feature a design where the phone case must be flipped open in order to access the screen. A seal is present on the front side of these products to prevent accidental opening. Some fitted cases feature tempered glass for the purpose of screen protection against falls and dirt.

What are some of the available designs?

The company's purple phone cases feature many types of designs. Single colored purple phone cases vary in shades of purple. Some designs are dark, while others are light. Selected offerings may include graphic designs on the back with a variety of images. The availability of graphic designs for these cases with individual phone models varies. Options include the Brushed Metal Design Compact Hybrid Rugged case, the Rubberized Protective cover, and the Insten Hard Snap-on Dual Layer Hybrid Glitter case. Designs that utilize a secondary color are primarily those with multiple pieces in their physical construction. Among the secondary colors used in phone designs are:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Gray
What are some functional features of Huawei purple phone cases?

Additional functional features that are included in the purple phone cases are wallet compatibility and the ability to stand. In some cases, both of these features may be included in the same phone case. The number of card slots provided by a wallet feature varies between individual products. Cases featuring stands vary in their stand mechanisms. Some Huawei cases have deployable plastic components to hold the phone up while others have a back flap that is able to fold into a stand. Pen holders are also available in some Huawei products. For carrying functionality, several cases feature armbands that hold the phones. These cases have clear covers where the facing of the phone is so users can still see the content their phone displays.