Learn More About HTC Virgin Mobile Smartphones

With an HTC Virgin Mobile smartphone, you can receive emails, send text messages, and download mobile apps. Your friends and family can stay in contact with you, and you can keep all of your important information in one place. There are plenty of phones available with the features and functions you need and want in a mobile device.

What are the features of HTC Virgin Mobile smartphone?

Virgin Mobile smartphones made by HTC come with features and functions that include Wi-Fi accessibility, cameras, and Bluetooth capabilities. These available features are:

  • Camera: Vary in resolution quality, and most phones have both a rear-facing and front-facing camera.
  • Wi-Fi: Allows the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly wherever access is allowed.
  • microSD card: Additional upgradeable storage for photos, videos, songs, documents, and more.
  • Touchscreen: You can view your apps and press icons that control your smartphone's functions.
  • Ports: Insert your headphones and speakers to listen to music. Input your USB to charge your device and upload pictures and videos to your computer.
What are the different types of HTC Virgin phones?

These phones come in a diverse range of models. You can pick from different styles, shapes, and colors depending on your preference. Some of the options that are available are:

  • One V: A device with a protective case and touchscreen made with strong glass. This phone is lightweight and sturdy and offers drop protection.
  • Desire 601: A Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that is global-ready. It has 8GB of storage capacity and 5MP camera resolution.
  • Desire 510: A jet black device with 4GB storage capacity and 4.7-inch screen size.
  • Wildfire: A compact-sized smartphone paired with the Android operating system that has 100MB of storage capacity. This device has Wi-Fi features and allows you to download apps at fast speeds.
  • Dream G1: This sturdy device has a slide-up screen with a separate keyboard. The device allows you to make calls and is also Wi-Fi capable.
What is the difference between a locked and unlocked smartphone?

An unlocked device allows you to use any service provider of your choice provided the channel network that the provider, which is either GSM or CDMA, matches that of your phone, although many providers feature both channel networks. A locked phone is one that is tied to a specific carrier and is not transferable. You must use your device with that service provider only.

What is the difference between a contract a prepaid plan?

There are smartphone plans for your HTC device that allow you to operate your device as you see fit. You can choose between a prepaid and contract plan:

  • Prepaid: With this type of plan, you must make payments before you access your phone's capabilities except for emergency calls.
  • Contract: Your service provider charges a monthly fee for smartphone coverage and you are obligated to the terms of the agreement.
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