Finding the Right Gray Smartphone

Serving as the middle ground between black and white, gray is a smart, chic color that isn't too dark or too bright. HTC manufactures a variety of mobile phones in this shade, and they're not just for show. Packed with features like powerful processors and impressive cameras, this Android line of phones has it all.

What Are Some Features of These Phones?

Not only are the phones in this series aesthetically pleasing, but they offer a bevy of beneficial features that can make every day just a little more convenient for you and make using your phone as user-friendly as possible.

  • Air gesture is an innovative feature that modern phones are starting to add to their models. This means you don't even have to press your touchscreen display to perform a specific action since you just have to wave your hands in a gesture to do it.
  • Keep your phone private by using a fingerprint sensor instead of a passcode so that you are the only person who can open your phone.
  • Water resistance is a necessary feature for those users who enjoy spending time by the pool or in the tub or who like to listen to music while washing dishes. With this feature, it doesn't feel like the end of the world when your phone gets splashed.

How Do You Select the Right Smartphone for You?

You'll want to take your own needs into consideration when you select the phone that works for your lifestyle.

  • Consider your model's processor because having a powerful processor, such as one that offers a quad-core or octa-core option, means that your phone will run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Think about which network you use. When you're already in a contract with a network, such as AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile, you'll require a compatible GSM phone. Otherwise, an unlocked model lets you choose your own carrier.
  • Battery life is necessary, especially when you're not at home and don't want to end up with a dead battery, so grab a model with a high-capacity battery that lasts all day on one charge.

What Are Some Available Models?

Though HTC offers multiple models with various features, there are a few to consider when you're looking to upgrade or make a device switch.

  • The One M9 has numerous features that enhance everyday usage, which include compatibility with the 4G LTE network, 32 GB of RAM and 3 GB of ROM built in, and 1080p pixel display for sharpness.
  • Select the One M8 that offers these features: LTE connection with 4G network, a front-facing camera with 5 megapixels and autofocus, and a high-capacity battery, along with a 5-inch full HD screen display.
  • The One model offers a 4.7-inch screen size along with a gray aluminum metal body and the Android Jelly Bean operating system. It also features 2 GB of RAM.

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