How to Find Wireless Controllers for Guitar Hero

When youre looking to rock out and play some music but just dont have the real-life instruments to do it, playing a video game that lets you act like a rockstar can be the next thing. Logitech released Guitar Hero in 2005 and since then the game has enabled everyday people to act like famous musicians. Using not just a guitar but also drums and a microphone youre able to create your own band, all thanks to the wireless controllers that connect to your very own musical instrument. The game is available on different platforms including PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so when youre in the market for a new controller there are a few things to consider.

What Consoles Can You Get Controllers For?

Wireless attachments and controllers for Guitar Hero games, through Guitar Hero 5 and beyond, come according to their game consoles. The game initially released on PlayStation 2 with just the guitar controller but now is available through most popular consoles. These controllers use batteries and connect straight to your console to allow you to move around and rock out freely.

  • Sony PlayStation: Being the first platform that the game released on, Sony PlayStation consoles including PS3 and PS4 devices.
  • Microsoft Xbox: You can get the wireless attachments and controllers for Xbox 360 and Xbox One to play the game with.
  • Nintendo Wii: The Wii released some versions of the game including the guitar controller, with other instruments separately available.

What Instruments Are There?

When the game was first came out, it centered around just playing the guitar but grew to include other instruments too. The guitar controller and other parts can come alone or as a pack, depending on what type of gaming setup you have and what instruments you want to play. Some had special features like design covers, guitar bags, and featured artists, each released for different version of the game.

  • Drum kit: Featuring a full set with pedals, cymbals, and pedal stand, this wireless attachment let you play the beat.
  • Guitar: The wireless guitar is the most popular choice for this game, and features guitars based on famous models like a Stratocaster, Gibson, and Les Paul, or unique models specifically for the game.
  • Microphone: Releasing for the World Tour game, this is a quality wireless microphone that helps you activate Star Power.

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