Adding Drum Set Controllers to Guitar Hero

The original Guitar Hero game for Xbox 360 only featured guitars. The release of Guitar Hero World Tour saw the introduction of drums, and having this game meant also having a drum set controller in order to be able to play with your band, adding a layer of cooperative play to what was previously only for competitive multiplayer.

How Do You Play the Drums for Guitar Hero?

As with guitars, the person that plays drums has to hit the drum controller with notes in time with the corresponding target on the screen. 

  • Drum set: Each colored non-slip drum pad represents a certain percussion piece. This can change depending on the song but as a guide you will find red is the snare drum, blue is the tom-tom drum, green is the floor drum, yellow is the hi-hat cymbal, and orange is the crash cymbal. 
  • Point scoring: Scoring points is how you win, so it's good to know what you are up against. Every basic note will get you 50 points, every kick note is 75 points, while every accent note is 25 points. 

How Do You Play Notes on The Drums?

There are similarities between drums, bass, and lead guitar, but a different way to maneuver notes on the Guitar Hero drum set.

  • Bass drum note: You must also play bass drum notes in GHWT, but this is not on a drum pad; instead you use the kick pedal when the note crosses the strike line. The pedal also applies to other notes.
  • Accent notes: An accent note, or velocity note, is a silver-crowned note on screen, and to get them, you must hit a note harder than normal.
  • Drum swells: Similar to long notes on a guitar, a drum swell is where you have to repeatedly hit a note.
  • Ghost notes: When you use Expert difficulty in some games, you will come across Ghost Notes. These are notes that are very soft and hard to hear and show up on screen in a transparent color. These score you the same points as a basic note. 

What Mechanics are Involved in Guitar Hero World Tour?

Some good mechanics to know about playing drums in Guitar Hero are: 

  • Star Power: Just like with guitars, you can hit all the star power notes in a star power sequence. To do this on the drum kit you must hit the yellow and orange cymbal pads together.
  • Freeform: When Freeform appears on the screen, just like for vocals, you can play any sequence of notes to score points. 
  • Drum rolls: Drum rolls are repeated notes you play on a drum pad, and speed determines the quality. You can play drum rolls with either one or two hands, depending on the speed you need. 

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