Picking the Right Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a small device that turns any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV. You can stream anything from your tablet, phone or other device with ease. There are many models now, so this will help you pick the right one whether you're choosing a new, open box or refurbished model.

What resolution can you get with Chromecast?

This largely depends on which model you choose. The earliest model had a maximum resolution of 720p while the majority of models have a maximum resolution of 1080p. Some of the high-end models can cast 4K resolution, but you must ensure the device does this before trying to cast this type of media. Be sure to check the manufacturer's website to see the exact resolution.

Can you connect an Ethernet cable into the Chromecast?

Ethernet cables provide a wired Internet connection to any computer or device. This often leads to faster and more reliable streaming. Most Chromecast models do not have an Ethernet port, but some of the high-end models do offer this feature. Be sure to check the listing and manufacturer's website to see if the model you're considering offers this.

Which Chromecast model has voice control options?

None of the models themselves have voice control, but you can use an accessory to get this feature. Chromecast pairs with Google-specific smart speakers and home assistants. You can issue the voice command through the speaker or assistant, which will then send your command to Chromecast. This is currently the only way to use voice commands with this device.

What other features should you consider when getting a Chromecast?

Each model is similar in many ways, but there are some differences to consider. These are some of the more common features you can choose between:

  • Body: there are stick bodies and circular models to choose from. Both are similar in terms of performance. The stick one somewhat easier to connect to your TV while the circular one is easier to transport.
  • Wi-Fi Signals: this streaming device is able to use different Wi-Fi signals depending on the model. Stronger Wi-Fi signals usually lead to faster loading.
  • Processor Speed: every model has a processor that helps load menus, apps and media. A stronger process should make everything faster, but it also increases the price.
  • Storage Space: this refers to the internal memory. Larger storage space allows you to save more apps and files.
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