iPhone 6 Cases in Dazzling Gold

Using a smartphone has become a vital component of everyday life for many people. Keeping those phones safe while personalizing and accessorizing them is often a top priority. For those with a style and fashion sense that favors gold, there are several options for gold cases for the Apple iPhone 6.

What are the available styles of gold iPhone 6 cases?

Cases and covers for the iPhone 6 are offered in a broad range of styles and designs, including many in gold and rose gold. While some are common and others rare, cases for the iPhone 6 fall into one these categories:

  • Bumper cases.
  • Soft cases.
  • Hard cases.
  • Dual-layer hybrid cases.
  • Impermeable cases.
What are the benefits of impermeable, hard iPhone cases?

While iPhone case selection is typically a matter of preference, there are some case styles known for protecting devices from a wide range of conditions. In general, impermeable iPhone 6 cases offer the most complete protection, often including tempered glass screen protectors, waterproof outer shells, and drop-resistant suspension systems. For some, the extra size and weight of these cases is not an issue. However, depending on how the iPhone is carried, a lighter and slimmer case may be preferred.

Slim, hard iPhone 6 cases can offer protection while opening the door for more stylish options. These typically feature a drop- and abrasion-resistant design, either including or allowing for the use of a screen protector, with the added benefit of sleeker, more varied designs. They come with water and sand/dust resistance.

Which iPhone cases are slim and light?

While soft cases have typically been the slimmest options for iPhone covers in the past, advanced materials and precise design have allowed thin, hard cases to emerge as the sleekest iPhone cases available. Particularly, the 360-style of thin, hard shell iPhone cases cover the entire phone from front to back. With a precision screen protector incorporated, this case style creates a hard outer skin that aligns with the original design of the iPhone and adds feel, protection, and personalized style in a single package.

Most options in this category also feature faux suede liners that protect the back cover of the phone from scratches. These cases are good for users who love the factory sizing and feel of the iPhone 6. They are also commonly offered in metallic gold or rose gold finishes that add an intense, 360-degree pop and make a dazzling first impression.

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