Frabill Ice Fishing Reels

There are big differences in warm-weather fishing spinning reel rigs and ice fishing equipment. Most of these differences have to do with the performance of fishing poles, reels, and other ice gear. Frabill helps make ice fishing excursions successful with a line of equipment that includes reels designed for ice and cold weather.

What is the difference between warm- and cold-weather reels?

A smooth glide while cranking an ice-fishing-reel handle is necessary to make sure filament is properly wound. Tough cranking results in a line’s stretching, and the unwanted accumulation of dirt in the reel's mechanisms. A smooth-spinning action in warm weather is ensured with normal factory components. Cold-weather and ice fishing gear needs lubrication that withstands sub-zero temperatures and dry wind conditions. A good ice-environment reeling system also has:

  • An extremely sensitive drag setting option.
  • Light body weight to match a small fishing pole's overall balance.
  • Lubricated spool load features like levers and switches that resist ice.
  • Solid ice-fishing-reel body that shields against moisture.
What about line types?

There are many uses for round and oval line shapes during ice fishing. Using the right filament is essential. The brand's models are universal in spooling oval and straight filaments. This is an important feature of a reliable spinning reel. They also feature:

  • Directional controls for spooling and unspooling.
  • Smooth centrifuges that prevent loops, bundling, and spinning reel "rat's nests".
  • Even distribution while dropping jigs, setting hooks, and reeling through tight spaces.
  • Controlled drag options for setting various sizes of fish.
What about the fishing action?

Frabill ice-fishing-reel designs and spinning rods are extremely light. They are balanced to allow biting pressure to travel directly from the rod to the fisherman's hand. This is difficult with heavier spinning reel rods meant for open water. Ice fishing action with Frabill is achieved with:

  • Efficient and light graphic and metallic body castings.
  • Ideal crank ratio spools.
  • Universal Frabill mounts for all types of smaller ice fishing poles.
  • Self-contained lubed mechanisms that stay smooth throughout cold seasons and multiple fishing trips.
Will ice build in these ice-fishing reel models?

The compact construction of these fishing models resists moisture accumulation during reeling. Internal mechanisms are kept free of ice because of solid body designs. This is very important for people who love to spend long periods ice fishing in harsh climates that make ice a problem. Using a spinning reel in preferred environments should not be hindered by moisture problems.