Selecting an Industrial Floor Grinder to Prepare a Concrete Floor

When working with a concrete floor, you need a clean, debris-free surface before installing any flooring solutions, such as tile or carpet. A concrete floor grinder is a tool that can remove any unwanted materials from the surface of concrete and level out any irregularities, including leftover glue from previous carpet installations. You can find many new and used grinders at reasonable prices on eBay.

Choosing floor and concrete industrial grinders

You'll discover a wide variety of options when it comes to purchasing industrial concrete floor grinders. There are a couple of things you should consider before you buy. First, look at the overall size of the job. Purchasing a industrial floor grinder that is too small for the task can greatly increase the time you must invest for the job. The second thing to consider is the desired outcome. This will determine how many heads you need to get the result you want. The last thing to keep in mind is the overall power of the machine. You want it to have enough weight and torque to effectively remove all the debris from the surface.

What is a headcount on an industrial concrete floor grinder?

The headcount refers to the number of discs attached to the bottom of the machine. They are normally set in one to four disc configurations. Each of these has specific strengths and weaknesses. With a single-head configuration, the weight of the machine rests on the one disc. This gives it a lot more abrasive power, but it is not as even and can leave irregular marks and scratches. It is great for hard jobs, but not as adept at polishing. A four-head machine, in contrast, distributes the weight evenly over the heads, creating a much more consistent grind.

Can an industrial concrete floor grinder be used for polishing?

Yes. With the proper number of heads and a disc made for the task, this machine can do a nice job of polishing your floor. Please refer to the specific machine's instructions to achieve the desired result.

What attachments are available for floor and concrete industrial grinders?

Attachments for industrial concrete grinders vary greatly by manufacturer. Some of these may include:

  • Water kit
  • Vacuum
  • Additional machine weights
  • Dust skirts
Buying a used grinder on eBay

When purchasing a floor grinder, you may want to consider a preowned machine. This enables you to get the equipment you want at a lower price point. Select a used grinder if you are on a budget, require more than one grinder, or are looking for an older industrial grinder model. Inspect the photos closely to confirm that you are getting a grinder that has been well-maintained.