Duracell AAAA Single-Use Batteries

Duracell offers batteries like alkaline batteries, coin/button batteries, hearing aid batteries, as well as specialty batteries. Duracell AAAA single-use batteries are used in small electronics that require a compact size. From the brand’s Ultra line, this battery falls under their “specialty batteries” category.

What is a single-use battery?

Single-use means that it is not rechargeable. This type of battery, sometimes called a primary battery, is intended to be installed, used until it fails, and then disposed of. You should never try to put single-use batteries in a recharger. It will not recharge them, and it may cause them to explode.

What are the features of AAAA batteries?

This class is a very small size. The batteries are about 42 millimeters high and about eight millimeters in diameter. They weigh about six grams and produce 1.5 volts.

The Duracell AAAA is an alkaline battery in their Ultra line. The alkaline type is often recommended for devices that do not need a heavy, continuous pull of power. They can be used in electronics that create a heavy power drain, but you will want to have backups on hand.

In storage, alkaline cells have a long shelf life. They may hold their power for up to seven years. Duracell uses Duralock Power Preserve Technology.

What are AAAA single-use batteries used for?

Given their size, these products are used in very small appliances:

  • Narrow cylindrical electronics, like laser pointers and computer styluses.
  • Tiny penlights that are designed to be carried on a key chain.
  • Bluetooth headsets and headphone amplifiers.
  • Compact game controllers.
  • Home medical electronics, such as blood pressure monitors and glucose meters.
  • Camera flashes.
What batteries can you replace with Duracell AAAAs?

If you have electronics that are currently using any of the following battery types, you can replace them with Duracell AAAA batteries.

  • LR8D425
  • E96
  • 25A
  • MN2500
  • MX2500
How can you maximize the life of AAAA batteries?

The way to get the most out of these products is to store them properly when they are not being used. Try to keep them in an environment that is between 68 and 78 degrees and at low humidity. Remove the batteries from electronics if you are not going to be using them for a while. Finally, if you have a device that uses more than one, do not mix old and new batteries. This will shorten the life of the new battery, wasting much of its power.

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