Finding 9V Batteries

When you are looking for disposable alkaline batteries to power any type of equipment there are a few important things you want in this consumable product. You want to make sure that the battery size is right to fit your equipment. You want to know that the battery type is going to last and supply the amount of energy you need for as long as you need it.

What are 9V Batteries For?

There are many types of equipment and devices that use alkaline, rectangular 9V batteries. Some of these include:

  • Smoke Alarms:9V batteries commonly power smoke alarms. Remember to test your smoke alarm at least every six months to ensure the batteries still have enough charge. If in doubt, replace anyway; smoke alarms save lives.
  • Medical Equipment:Medical equipment in both hospital and healthcare settings, and by individuals in home settings, all often use 9V batteries. Again, always ensure the power levels in any batteries you use for medical devices are adequate.
  • Handheld Devices:Handheld devices that use 9V batteries includetalk radios or walkie-talkies, and remote controls for radio-operated cars and toys.
  • Musical Equipment:Portable speakers, transistor radios, and electronic guitar accessories and pedals are all items that may use 9V batteries.
  • Kitchen and Household:Some kitchen scales use 9-volt batteries, and you will often find electronic digital clocks have the provision for a 9v battery as a power backup if needed.

How Do You Get the Most Life from Batteries?

There are a few key ways you can help get the most life from single-use or disposal batteries. These include:

  • Storage:Batteries should always store in dry conditions at room temperature. Do not store batteries under refrigeration or in hot conditions. When you have multiple batteries in storage, make sure the metal contacts at the top of each battery are not touching.
  • Conservation:Turn off the switches of battery-operated appliances when you are not using them. If you do not expect to use a device for an extended period, remove the batteries from the appliance and store them in conditions as outlined above.

What Are the Different 9V Batteries from This Company?

Duracell as a brand has its origins in battery manufacturing stretching back to the 1920's. They are suppliers of batteries for domestic, commercial, industrial, and military use. In their 9 volt single use or disposable alkaline batteryrange, they have three different products. These are:

  • Coppertop:This product has been developed for standard all-purpose use and household devices. Pack sizes range from single batteries to packs of 12.
  • Quantum:This battery type features power boosters for additional performance. There is a power check indicator on the side of the battery to visually check how much charge is remaining. Pack sizes range from 3-10.
  • Procell/Industrial: Originally called Procell, then Industrial, this product has been specifically developed for industrial and commercial uses. The batteries have long-lasting charges, a wider operating temperature range and are individually date coded for stock rotation.

The company also produces a 9V rechargeable battery and charger for reusing your batteries multiple times.

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